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Official Reports on Radon

Residential Radon and Lung Cancer Case-Control Study
The latest and largest-ever epidemiological study on the risks of residential radon. At the EPA “action level” (4 pCi/L), the lung cancer risk to women increases by 50%. U of Iowa (May, 2000)

Health Effects of Exposure to Radon: BEIR VI (1999)
Summary of the Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation VI Report. The National Academy of Sciences (1998)

BEIR VI - Executive Summary
An update on the health risks of indoor radon in drinking water and air. The National Academy of Sciences (1999)

EPA Radon Publications
A Citizen's Guide to Radon (1992). Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon (1993). A Physician's Guide to Radon (1993). Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction (1992). Radon Mitigation Standards (1994). Radon Resistant New Construction. The U.S. EPA

Sites on Radon and Radiation

Comparison of Radon Mitigation Methods
RadonSeal deep-penetrating sealer seals basements against water seepage, dampness, molds, and even radon gas. It does not impact the house appearance and saves on energy in treated air. RadonSeal

Radon Measurement Methods
A technical comparison of atmospheric radon measurement methods for homeowners and experts. Integrated Environmental Management

How Radon Causes Lung Cancer
“It's Perfectly Safe, But Don't Breathe Too Deeply” report on lung cancer risks. Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

Radiation Has Caused Most Cancers and Heart Disease
Studies show that radiation from medical procedures has played a role in causing over 50% of cancer deaths and coronary heart disease in the US during the twentieth century. Dr. John Gofman

History of nuclear mania
From Wilhelm Roentgen to A-bombs and nuclear power plants.


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